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If I end up roping in more mods, they'll get their own NPC as well, but for now you just get:


Looks very young, is very cute. Has a pig hair-pin. Runs every single store and restaurant at once. (How?!) Very up-beat, and will chat pleasantly with you. Her answer to any question of importance, for instance, "WHY ARE WE HERE?" is just "Um, technical difficulties."

It's obvious enough that she's not the one in charge, but she's clearly the only one here who isn't a player. If you're near her too long without occupying her with conversation, she's prone to playing games on her cell phone. Whenever she's not busy talking to someone, she is playing cell phone games.

And every so often, though it's very rare, you might even catch her fighting some of the Noise - the taboo noise, all black, and different from the rest. Her battle consists of stampedes of Pig Noise attacking for her while she controls them with her cell phone.

... She isn't very important.


None yet, but once the game gets underway, Yumemi might be recruiting some players to become reapers, so look forward to it! ♥


Alright, so you probably have been wondering WTF Noise is.

They're monsters.

The Noise aren't played by anyone; they're just there to be fought endlessly. They are never indoors. Not in Stores, not in the Hotel, not in Restaurants. Just outside, roaming about, ready to attack.

It's possible to go outside and not be attacked - but it's not something you should bet on.

As for what they look like and such, HERE is a list of all the Noise. 1~60 all appear in Shibuya.

Without a pact, you can barely fight them. You'll be doing basically no damage the whole time. If you're really persistent, you can manage, but your best bet? A pact. That, or stay inside.

Once a pact is formed, they can be fought much more easily. How easily, of course, depends entirely on your character's ability to fight.

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